Religious & Other Services

Spiritual Retreat

Hope Haven is committed to helping people not only vocationally, socially and residentially, but also spiritually.  As a Christian service agency we are concerned about the whole person.  The Religious Services Coordinator not only encourages residents to take their rightful place in the church of their choice, but also works with the various denominations to receive people with disabilities into their congregations.  The Religious Services Coordinator is a resource person, a liaison and encourager to those who seek to join a church and for those who are not sure how to meet the needs of those joining. 

Several ways in which faith is encouraged at Hope Haven and beyond are weekly one to one Bible sessions and prayer, Friendship Bible studies hosted and led by community churches, responding to church requests of how they can include people with disabilities into more of their ministries, and spiritual retreats for people with disabilities. All of these programs are designed to enhance the spirituality of persons with disabilities.

Spiritual Retreats are held each year in areas around the tri-state region. The retreats are a one day camp for adults with disabilities to worship, fellowship, and do various activities to grow spiritually and interact with new friends. Volunteers are involved in the retreat to help assist the attendees. The camp is not restricted to people served by Hope Haven. Contact Pastor Dan De Vries to attend or volunteer.

Contact us for more information. Pastor Dan DeVries 712-476-2737

Supplementary Opportunities for Persons Served
  • Education: Adult Basic Education, Literacy Development, and Health Safety arranged through community providers.
  • Recreation: Intramurals, Special Olympics, Gospel Choir
  • Health Services: Medication monitoring, health consultation, coordination with medical providers, and first aid. Available through Hope Haven or community providers depending upon the program.
  • Transportation: available to and from work in Rock Valley programs. Transportation for social activities and medical appointments may be arranged. In some cases the client may need to pay for the cost depending upon which program the person is enrolled in.
  • Religious Services: one-on-one Chaplaincy, group Bible studies, church. Annual Spiritual Retreats for people served, located in the Midwest and internationally.
  • School to Work Transitions: Facilitates the transition of persons enrolled in school/education programs into the world of work and adult responsibilities.
  • Adult Support Program: Staff support offered on an hourly basis to assist persons to maintain and/or develop their community living/work arrangements.
Services to the Community
  • Employment Services and Consultation: assistance provided to employers who wish to employ persons with disabilities in their company.
  • Religious Services and Consultation: Assistance provided to churches, agencies, and religious organizations that wish to include people with disabilities. Spiritual retreats can be arranged and conducted.
  • Program Development and Consultation: assistance provided to persons and organizations that wish to establish or expand programs that enable people with developmental and/or psychiatric disabilities to live and work in the community.
  • Public Education and Awareness: presentations and tours are provided for persons and organizations that wish to learn more about Hope Haven. Specific information is available in the areas of social and community integration.
  • ADA Standards: Assistance provided to churches, businesses, and communities that desire to be in compliance with the rules and guidelines of the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Volunteer Services: Opportunities given to those who wish to give their time and talents to serve: mailings, providing transportation to those in need, collecting and rebuilding wheelchairs, participating in “big friend” programs, leading Bible study groups, other activities.